nobody get what they want


Hello^^, hari ini hari AHAD bersamaan dengan 26/02/2012. Actually takda apapapa pun nak di"update"kan sangat just gatalgatal tangan saja nak menaip. hewhewhew*(cara zaman skrg ketawa)*. Tapi ada aku kisah ???! *tangan didada*. Aku buat post ini pun sebab aku nak berkongsi cerita dengan pembacabaca sekalian*(kalau ada la pembaca a.k.a blogwalking yang baca)*. Lagipun apa guna kalau ada blog sendiri tapi tak digunakan kankankan? :P Aku post ini pun bukan kerana ingin menunjuknunjuk or whatever, tapi hanya sekadar men"sharing" saja. :) 
A quote for you :-)
Never tell your problems to anyone...20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them.

"quote" di atas ini nak di"relate"kan dengan postpost aku dalam blog ini, I will write all my story in this blog but only people that love to read blog will know my story and not all know that. I will not tell my story in real life but the story will be written in one blog. :) *(bajet speaking)*

okay, enough Atiqah. Maaf kalau sesiapa yang tidak faham dengan katakata hikmah di atas ini. it's okay then-lah. Tiada kena mengena pun. ^^,. Aku suka menggunakan katakata hikmah. Ia membuatkan aku lebih passionate dalam penulisan dan sebagai pembakar semangat :')


Some sharing story for you guys. It's not so best story or important but I really want you to know 'something' about me and this is true story. When I was 18 years old, after I finish my SPM *(Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia)*, I was waiting my result until March. Then the result was came out. the result is veryveryvery not in the 'flying colours'. In other words, TAK GEMPAK LANGSUNG >.<''
I was really in the bad mood. I don't know what to do and I don't know what to apply for further study with the bad result like that T.T. Am reallyreally shame with myself. HMM . 
But luckily ALLAH still loves me. I was went to a festival for continue study. SORRY, I can't remember that was JOM MASUK U or what. The festival held at The Mines, Sri Kembangan. Surely, there are many of universities and colleges promoted. When I went there, the first university that I looked for is UPM *(University Putra Malaysia)*. HAHAHA, why am I laughing and what so funny about? for sure'lah' I can't enter that university based on what my result is. And I know it. 
Walk, walk and walk...................................................................after a few minutes...............
hmmmmmmm, I don't get anything. Such a hard moment that I through.  moment later, ALLAH still do loves me. What happen? what I saw? what I interested for? My ummi did called me, "Atiqah, here! I found something different than others". I thought what, apparently, WOW!!!! it's kind of awesome thing. It's APFT. Guys, wonder what is APFT stand for? HHAHA . APFT stands for Asia Pacific Flight Training. PERGHHHH! ^.-
After that, I seat front of the captain*(pilot)*, and asked this and that, this and that till he gave me a piece of paper for me. what was that? that was an example of letter permission to apply flight training course to DCA*(Department Civil of Aviation)* that located in Putrajaya. Then, I back home because of fatigue >.<'' but am happy cause at least I found something new in my whole life ^^, 

With the smile face plus happy mood, I did the letter permission to DCA. It's so easy not so difficult. Alhamdulillah, my Maths Modern and B.Melayu was A, English and Sejarah were B and for Science I choose Sains Pertanian which is C to fulfill the requirement of 5 credits SPM. Gratefully, I have choices on Science subject ^^, HAHA, my Biology and Chemistry was D -.-'' bad enough

After a month am waiting for the letter approved, actually am almost hopeless with the pilot course because I felt that am not good enough to be a pilot. HMM . Day after day, the postman came in, and my ummi took the letter and read. Then, she SHOUT my name LOUDLY. OMG, what happen?!!! :'O my ummi said, you've got the letter form DCA. I can't believed it and I read it. "You are eligible to continue study in flight training based on your requirement SPM result". :') I can't believed this. FEEEEUHHHHHH~

Once upon a time, located in The Mines where me and my parent went for shopping, I told my dad about further study in this field. HMM, what the answer would be? My dad said it's like we are taking driving license. Guys, can you imagine how my feeling is? :( It's hurting! HMMMMMMM~

If my dad say NO, it's means CANNOT. What can I do? I can't do anything just accept and agreed. What a bad life I had. Luckily, ALLAH continued to loves me, HE gave me another way. I saw this one college through my buddy, NUR HIDAYAH. She told me about this one college called AMC *(Aviation Management College)*. I opened the website and keep looking the information about all the course offered. Which are Aviation Management, Flight  Operation, Tourism and Office Management. 

Diploma Flight Operation Management was be my HEART <3 . I did not know why, I felt like this course is related with the pilot. Am just puzzle it. HEHE . I went to the college, and my dad agreed because of my career in future is much much much more brighter than other. Hopefully . :'D

GUYS!, did you notice that ALLAH gave me way to solve my problem? Hopefully you notice that. ^.^
ALLAH always beside us. Remember that! Sometimes we want this, but ALLAH gives us more better than we want. So, be grateful on what you are. ALHAMDULILLAH :)

What seems like the right thing to do could also be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life.

p/s; as a clever of pilot fly, because of "disorientation" finally crash as well.