5th April 2012, THE RESULT IS BORN


I had that status too before. HMM . There is nothing I regretted from that. (: 
I didn't did well too, but it doesn't mean I faced the failure. SPM is first step to us. It means your life is just begun. A lots of question marks in the mind like at this right picture, right? :D  In my case, I through like that too. A lots of question marks in my mind. How to continued my further study -.-''. Extremely the hardest one. 

HAHA. My teachers do lied to me. DAMN . She/He said that the SPM is the hardest one that I must faced, after that, you will not faced all this hardest examination . But when I went to the college, I don't think that the SPM the hardest one! >.<''
How can teacher told me like that. It's not the truth. In the final examination of the first semester, it's hard to me to do well in the first final that I faced. HMM . I did study in many ways to remember the notes that are important because final are all in essay form. STUDY GEGILER SAMPAI LEPAK2ING TAK TIDO, NASEB TAK SEDOT SHISHA JEH! KEKESALAN AMAT DIKESALI --' hewhewhew

Eh, I think everyone have their own determination or high expectation in our self, right? So do I (: . HAHA . Sometimes, we expect from our self is more than our abilities. That's why, am always just hoping the best of me, because I know am not that clever and smart. It's true!!! :) So, tapayah nak cakap besar2 lah, tapi, HABOK PON TARA! -.-' haihhhhh~ But am still wanna be the best than pilot :P tehee :D

Headache after finish my examination. It's normal thing! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Calculation subjects the most interest and headache to me. That I love the most in my whole life. Normally, when I went to examination or having examination week, myself will not feeling well (: . It also I love the most. HAHA . My parent must worried about my condition. My ummi will POTPETPOTPET. -.-' more headache! hewhewhew . SAYANG SANGAT! WEKKKK!!!!

Just around the corner! It's coming soon! It's RESULT!!!! wuawuawuawua )':
I know myself. Every time, the result came out, I have a feeling that the result is not well enough. HUHU. My feeling will sad and not in the right mood. ): Am sorry DADDY, I do love you but am sorry because am not perfect enough to fulfill your demand towards me. I know you love me too, and I know you will have a bit regret feeling to me. AM STUPID! :'( sobsobsob.

I'm down. Baby are you down down down. hmm . It' not funny, okay! 
It's all about me. I'm bad enough. I can't do anything to my beloved parent.
Every time I open my eyes, I always look the good things. But me? Not good enough. I know.